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March 8, 2021

Cavities- Busting Myths, Revealing Facts

Cavities are not something new for us. We keep hearing this term right from childhood, mainly in the form of certain myths passed down from generations. But, are these myths true or is it just a myth? Let us see what the best dentist in Chennai has to say about this! It’s high time that we bust some of these baseless myths and understand the actual facts.

Top Dentist In Medavakkam Tells Us The First Myth & Fact

Myth 1: If It Doesn’t Pain, There’s Nothing To Worry! 

Now, this is one myth that almost everyone believes blindly. If my teeth don’t hurt, then there is nothing wrong with it! No! Not always! The truth is that, by the time it starts paining, it would be too late to treat it and get relief. What could have been solved with better oral hygiene and a simple treatment might now need a detailed procedure or dental surgery to get it sorted. 

This is exactly why you need to go for regular dental checkups at the best clinic in Medavakkam to ensure that your teeth are as good as it appears to be! The longer you ignore a decay, the more intense the pain and the more costly the treatment will be. 

Fact 1: Sugar Can Cause Cavities 

Yes! Sugar is one of the major causes of cavities. But, the culprit here is not sugar alone. The sweeteners in your coffee or your candy can also cause cavities. When we speak about sugar, it’s not just the sugar or sweeteners you add to a food or beverage. Fruits, potatoes, and beans also contain sugar naturally. Loaves of bread and cakes always contain sugar as an added ingredient. The sugar contents in these foods can act with the bacteria in your mouth to take the form of acids that has the power to destroy your teeth! 

That’s why it is so important to brush and floss your teeth daily. It’s also essential to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth wash to keep the harmful bacteria away. If you fail to do so, cavities start creeping into your mouth before you even realise it. It starts as a plaque on your teeth, and if left untreated, it will turn to be acids that start creating holes in your teeth. And, these holes are a clear warning sign that cavities are waiting to pounce on your teeth! So beware and take action before it is too late!

Spoiler Alert- Myth 2 And Fact 2 Revealed!

Myth 2: If Your Soda Is Sugar-Free, Your Teeth Is Safe!

No! That‘s not at all true! Even if your food or beverage doesn’t contain sugar, if it is acidic, then it is not good for your teeth. Anything that has the potential to make your mouth acidic has the potential to harm your teeth. 

The fact is that all sodas, be it sugary or sugar-free, have low pH. Low pH can cause tooth erosion, and this erosion can lead to cavity formation. 

Fact 2: Once A Cavity Forms, There Is No Going Back!

If you are lucky enough to spot a decay early, you can get it treated, and that can help your teeth get some of their lost minerals back. But, if the cavities have already formed, then the damage is done forever! If the bacteria get far inside into your teeth, then you can no longer brush it away. Cavities don’t go away like that. The only option left is to consult a dentist and get it treated to reduce the pain. If your located near Gowrivakkam,  get personalized care and support from the best dentists in Gowrivakkam.

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Understanding The Myths And Facts Can Help You Treat Your Teeth Better

A better understanding of the myths and facts can help you understand when to take action and how to take care of your teeth better. Regular dental checkups and proper treatments will always help in retaining that sparkling white smile of yours! At 4 Squares Dentistry, the best dental hospital in Medavakkam and Gowrivakkam,  we offer you the best guidance and best care of experienced and professional dentists. Just give us a call to book an appointment now! 

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