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March 1, 2021

Teeth Sensitivity Explored And Explained

A scoop of ice cream or spoon of hot soup makes your teeth behave strangely? Wonder why you feel pain and discomfort even with a gulp of chilled water? Teeth sensitivity might be your issue! Though the pain caused by cold or hot food can also be due to a hidden cavity in your teeth, the most common cause is teeth sensitivity! Getting your teeth checked at your nearest dental hospital in Medavakkam might get you the answers you need. If you are located near Gowrivakkam, don't worry we have a dental clinic in Gowrivakkam too to provide expert dental care.

Teeth sensitivity can be a chronic or a temporary problem. Also, it can affect all your teeth, a few teeth or just one tooth. It can vary from person to person. The reasons for teeth sensitivity can be many, but maintaining a good oral regimen is always the first step to prevent and treat it.

Dentists At Dental Hospital In Medavakkam Talks About The Symptoms

People with sensitive teeth might experience pain or discomfort as a response to certain triggers. Let us take a look at the triggers here:

  • Cold beverages and food
  • Cold water
  • Hot beverages and food
  • Mouth rinses with an alcohol base
  • Flossing or brushing of teeth
  • Sweet beverages and food
  • Acidic beverages and food

These symptoms may just appear out of the blue and disappear suddenly too. Sometimes, it persists. The causes can be mild in some cases and extremely intense in others. Whatever be your experience, it’s always better to consult a dentist before it is too late! 

Taking A Deeper Look At The Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity

Some people tend to have sensitive teeth because their teeth enamel is thinner than others. Enamel refers to the teeth’ outer coating, which acts as a protective layer for the teeth. The enamel can get worn out due to many reasons like brushing your teeth too hard, eating and drinking too much acidic beverages and food, grinding your teeth while asleep, and also due to usage of a hard toothbrush. 

But, these alone are not the causes of teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity can also be caused by medical conditions like GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux). Conditions like bulimia and gastroparesis also cause the wearing down of the teeth enamel. 

You might also experience a temporary sensitiveness on your teeth following a dental treatment- like dental fillings, teeth bleaching and crowns. In such cases, the sensitivity will be limited to that particular tooth alone or the teeth surrounding it. It usually subsides after a few days. 

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Teeth Sensitivity- Diagnose It Right To Treat It Right

The first step to treat teeth sensitivity is to diagnose the reason behind it. If you are experiencing it for the first time, it’s always better to consult a dentist and take their opinion. At 4 Squares Dentistry, the best dentists in chennai are experienced in handling all types of teeth related problems. They will check your teeth for cavities, recessed gums or loose fillings and find the cause of your teeth sensitivity. After getting the right diagnosis, you can opt for the following treatment methods:

  • If you are having mild sensitivity issues only, over the counter medications can help.
  • Use toothpaste exclusively for sensitive teeth. It won’t contain any ingredients that trigger pain or discomfort in your teeth.
  • Use alcohol-free mouth wash to avoid irritants that might cause pain in your teeth.
  • Buy a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush your teeth gently without applying too much force.
  • These remedies take time to start showing effect. Hence, keep doing these regularly without fail to get the results you need. 
  • If the home treatments do not work, you can consult a specialist and opt for medical treatments. 

Treatment Of Medical Conditions That Cause Teeth Sensitivity

  • Acid reducers can help in treating GERD.
  • Bulimia can be treated with the help of a psychiatrist.
  • In the case of receding gums, maintaining good oral hygiene and brushing teeth gently can help. 
  • If the pain and discomfort are severe, then the dentist might recommend a gum graft.
  • You can take extra care not to grind or clench your teeth during the daytime. 
  • Reducing the intake of caffeine and avoiding stress can help in reducing teeth grinding while asleep. 
  • If you continue to grind your teeth unknowingly, then you can use a mouthguard while sleeping at night. 

Teeth sensitivity can be treated right if you consult a good dentist before the pain gets too severe. Our expert dentists at 4 Squares Dentistry are always just an appointment away from you to help you deal with teeth sensitivity the right way! Get in touch with us today to make your tooth pain disappear! 

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