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Privacy Policy for 4squaresdentistry

4 Squares Dentistry ( referred to as “us”, “we”, “our”, “4 Squares” ) is officially the publisher, author, and accountable authority of our website https://www.4squaresdentistry.in/ on the internet (world wide web) and also on applications and software offered by 4 Squares Dentistry. 

The privacy policy given here will explain in detail how we gather, share, use and protect all the personal information of the users who use our website and services. Our privacy policy can be considered as a clear demonstration of our commitment to protect your personal information and privacy. Your access to our dental clinic in Gowrivakkam and dental clinic in Medavakkam and also the website is clearly subjected to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of 4 Squares Dentistry.  

By agreeing to abide by our privacy policy, you are hereby bound by the policies and practices explained in the privacy policy and are giving us the consent to collect, use, and share your personal information as described in the privacy policy. At 4 Squares Dentistry, we reserve the right to modify, delete, or change any portion of this privacy policy at any time as per our will. In case you do not agree to this privacy policy, kindly do not use any of our services or provide us with your personal information. In case you are using our services on behalf of another person ( a child or an entity), it implies that the particular individual has authorised you to accept our privacy policy on behalf of him/her. 

Privacy Policy- Points To Note

The 4 Squares Dentistry privacy policy complies to the inter alia: i. Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000

  • Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (the “SPI Rules”)- Regulation 4
  • Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011- Regulation 3(1)

Our privacy policy asserts the below-mentioned points:

  • The means, modes and purpose of using information collected from users
  • The type of information collected- This can include information and sensitive personal data.
  • How and to whom we will disclose the information collected from users. 

The Collection Of User’s Personal Information

The information we collect from users will include, but is not limited to: 

  • Contact information ( phone number, email address )
  • Demographic information ( date of birth, gender, pin code )
  • Information regarding your history of appointments taken with us, usage of our services and all other transactions you have done while using our services. 
  • Medical information ( medical history, conditions, prescriptions, medication history and diagnostic reports)
  • Any other information you choose to provide us ( any information shared by you with us through letters, emails or messages. It can be family details or work details)

The information we collect from you might include “sensitive personal information”, “personal information”, or any other information you provide under the SPI Rules. As per the SPI rules, personal information includes any information related to a natural person. It can directly or indirectly be provided along with any other information available or has a probability of being available with the body corporate. Such information will have the capacity to help in identifying a person if needed. 

Any information that is freely available in the public domain or can be easily accessed as per the Right to Information Act 2005 or any related law cannot be considered as sensitive personal information or data or personal information. 

Privacy Statement

  1. When a user uses or gains access to our services, it implies that they are accepting our Terms of Use, and that includes the acceptance of all the terms and conditions explained here in this Privacy Policy. Any user who chooses to deny our Privacy Policy conditions and Terms of Use has the option to decide to discontinue the usage of services provided by 4 Squares Dentistry immediately. 
  2. Any information provided by the user to us, including their sensitive personal information, is always voluntary. You clearly understand that 4 Squares Dentistry or its partner might be using your sensitive personal information as per the SPI rules so that we can:
    • Provide you with the service you need
    • Use the data for commercial purposes.
    • Use non-personally identifiable information for research purposes.
    • Use your data for business intelligence purposes or statistical analysis.
    • Use it for the transfer or sale of the intelligence, statistical, or research data.
    • Publish information on our website
    • Get in touch with users to inform them about new products or services.
    • Analyse the usage patterns of software usage and devise new improvements for our products and services. 
    • Contact users for getting service and product feedbacks.
  3. By abiding to our Privacy Policy, you hereby agree to:
  •  Collect your information referred to as “ sensitive personal data or information” as per the SPI Rules. In case you choose not to consent to the usage of your personal data, our services will no longer be available for you. 
  • Be responsible for providing us with accurate information. When you register an account with us, you are expected to provide us with the correct contact information. In case there is any change in your personal data, you are responsible for correcting the same by editing your profile information page on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us and inform us about the changes in your personal information. We will be updating the information as soon as possible. 
  • In case you wish to cancel your 4 Squares Dentistry account or wish to ask us not to use the information you had provided us, please contact us at https://www.4squaresdentistry.in/contact-us/. We will only retain the information you provide us as long as you require our services or as long as your account is active on our website. 
  • While availing of our services, you are expected to pay the amount payable to 4 Squares Dentistry by using a debit card, credit card, net banking or any other online payment facilities. 4 Squares Dentistry will be using your account information ( like credit card number, bank account number) for payment processing and billing purposes. The information might be used or shared with third parties if it is necessary to complete the billing process. 
  • If you need to get access to all the benefits and features of using our App or website, you will have to provide us with your name, email address, date of birth, phone number, gender, and address. You will have to choose a password too. In future, we might add more information requests, and we assume that you will provide the consent to provide all the information required to complete the account registration process. 
  • Our Privacy Policy applies to all services, apps, and websites owned and managed by 4 Squares Dentistry. We will not be responsible for any such representations about policies or private practices taken up by third parties, and 4 Squares Dentistry do not guarantee the quality, accuracy, information, sound, software, videos, graphics, photographs, messages and any other information provided by third-party websites.
  • 4 Squares Dentistry website may use cookies for storing certain information ( any information that is not sensitive or personal). This information will be used by our partners and us for research purposes, technical administration, and user administration. Authorised third parties may also recognise or place a unique cookie in the browser of the user. 
  • Our Apps and websites will include social media features like the Facebook button. Such features may collect and use your IP address details, the details about web pages you visit, and set cookies for the features’ proper functioning. Any interaction with these features will be governed by the privacy statement of the company which provides that feature. 
  • 4 Squares Dentistry has implemented the finest security policies, market practices, technical measures, and rules to protect your personal data and prevent it from improper use, disclosure, unauthorised access or modification, accidental loss or unlawful destruction. However, in case there is any theft or data loss due to unauthorised access to the electronic devices used by the user using which they avail our services, 4 Squares Dentistry will not be liable for the same.
  • 4 Squares Dentistry takes your privacy very seriously, and for any other reason other than already mentioned here in this privacy policy, we assure you that we will disclose your personal information only if it is required to do so as per the regulations, laws or rules of any legal authority, government official, or law enforcement agency to protect and preserve the rights of others and to prevent any harm to property or person, credit risks or fraudulent activities.

Your Security And Confidentiality

  • 4 Squares Dentistry maintains all your personal information in an electronic form in our or our partner’s equipment. This information might be converted to physical form in future if required. We assure you that we will take all the necessary precautions to protect your information, both offline and online. 
  • No one at 4 Squares Dentistry ( including our administrators) will have access to your password. You have to ensure that you keep your password safe and always log out of our website after using our services. 4 Squares Dentistry does not take responsibility for unauthorised usage of your password. 
  • We make your information available to the employees of 4 Squares Dentistry only on a need to know basis. 
  • 4 Squares Dentistry will not be responsible for the usage, distribution, security or confidentiality of your information used by third parties or our partners. 

Privacy Policy Changes

4 Squares Dentistry might update our Privacy Policy whenever we feel that we need to change it. This may or may not be done with prior notice. If you object to the new changes and wish to stop availing of our services, you can contact us at https://www.4squaresdentistry.in/contact-us/ and request account deactivation.
In case a user uses our services even after receiving a notification about the changes in our policy, it is assumed that they agree to the Privacy Policy changes.

Privacy Policy Consent

You hereby acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policy and unconditionally agree to the Terms of Use mentioned in this. By becoming a user of our Apps, Website or Services, you express your consent to our Privacy Policy and its terms of usage

Contact Us For Any Concerns Regarding Your Privacy

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