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Why tolerate the excruciating pain of an abscessed tooth when you can find an immediate solution with our root canal treatment?
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Root Canal Treatment

For Durable Teeth

Every tooth has a soft tissue in the centre named as Pulp. It is the tooth’s internal part that supplies nutrients and nerves right up to the root tip. When the pulp is diseased or damaged, the pulp tissue dies. The dead tissue has to be immediately removed at your nearest dental clinic in Gowrivakkam, or it may lead to infection, pain and even the tooth’s loss.

We specialise in Root Therapy Treatment with advanced procedures to save your badly damaged tooth. Our dentists in Medavakkam, clean the root canal and seal it off to protect it. A crown is placed over the tooth to extend its durability.

At 4 Squares Dentistry, we suggest root canal treatment to decrease the dental issue from progressing to a stage that might require a tooth extraction. Our root canal procedures are painless and focused on a complete recovery.

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Root Canal Procedure

A standard root canal procedure at 4 Squares Dentistry is done by our expert endodontists who use advanced ultrasonic and laser technology. It comprises the following processes:
Icon of dental x-ray
An x-ray is taken to assess the tooth for any signs of infection.
Icon Injecting anesthetic for root canal procedure
An anaesthetic is injected into the surrounding tissues.
Icon Clean hygienic tooth
The tooth is thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.
Icon tooth sealed with high-grade material
The tooth is sealed with high-grade materials.
Icon root canal shape analysis
Analysis of the shape of the root canal is also done.
Icon bacteria debris removed from tooth
Bacteria, debris and dead tissues are removed from the cavity.
Icon medicine filling tooth cavities
The cavity is filled with medicine to treat the infection.
Icon crown placed over sealed cavity
A crown is placed over the sealed cavity to restore its look.


What is a Root Canal Therapy?

The root canal therapy is an effective way to extract dead tissues and debris from the tooth cavity. This procedure saves the tooth from unnecessary extraction, strengthens it further and makes it more durable. The procedure may require more than two visits to your dental clinic.

How do root canal surgery and root canal therapy differ?

4 Squares Dentistry specialises in both root canal therapy and root canal surgery. To perform a simple root canal procedure, your endodontist will gain access to the root canal by opening the crown of your tooth. However, in some cases, the infection will spread beyond the tooth’s root canal. Your endodontist will perform minor oral surgery to gain access to the root canal through the gums for such cases. This is called root canal surgery.

Are there other options for root canal therapy?

At 4 Squares Dentistry, we offer options like Mechanical, Laser Root and Rotary canal procedures. Call us or visit us at 4 Squares Dentistry for more details about each procedure’s advantages and disadvantages.

Is root canal procedure painful?

Advances in the field of dental medicine have made root canal procedures a virtually pain-free experience. In fact, the treatment actually relieves the pain caused by the infected root canal, which can be more intense than the procedure’s mild discomfort. Our endodontists have a great understanding of a patient’s pain management. You can rest assured that they will handle it with the utmost professionalism.

How long does a root canal procedure take?

A simple root canal procedure will be complete in one visit that may last for a couple of hours. If the problem is severe, you will likely require a couple of visits to complete the procedure.

Why does my tooth require a crown after the root canal procedure?

After a root canal treatment, your sealed tooth needs a crown to restore its look and feel to function like a natural tooth. It also strengthens the tooth and protects it from further damage.

How long will a tooth last after a root canal treatment?

The repaired tooth’s longevity depends vastly on the patient’s general health. It will also remain as good as new as long as the person’s body has the physiological ability to repair the damaged tissues and bone.

How long will it take for my tooth to heal after a root canal procedure?

Our endodontists will prescribe antibiotics to promote the quick healing of your tooth. You should be able to resume your routine duties after a day’s rest. Depending on the infection’s severity, the tissue may feel a little sensitive for several days.

Is it possible to avoid root canal therapy?

Without treatment, the infection in your root canal can spread beyond the roots, jaw tissues and bone. Apart from causing further complications, you may experience excruciating pain and discomfort. Hence, it is advisable to consult a specialist before the dental issue worsens. The only way to avoid a root canal treatment is to prevent your teeth from developing a root canal infection. That is possible only with proper dental hygiene.

Will a root canal therapy last forever?

Root canal therapy’s success depends on the patient’s general and oral health and oral hygiene. A non-surgical, simple, root canal procedure might not be effective if the infection is located deep in the root. Such infections require surgical therapy for the effects of the treatment to be long-lasting.
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