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Kids Dentistry

Caring For Your Little Ones

The dental team at 4 Squares Dentistry firmly believes in making a special effort to make your child’s visit to our clinic as enjoyable as possible. Your child will love the ambience at our dental care centre in Medavakkam. Our staff have the expertise to make your child feel at home every time he/ she has a dental procedure or checkup.

Baby Steps To Dental Health

The best dental education for your child starts in your own home. Your dentists at 4 Squares Dentistry strengthen the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health right from the time your child visits our clinic.

The right time for a first dental visit with the best dentist in Gowrivakkam is approximately the time of your child’s first birthday. It allows us to make a thorough evaluation of his/ her oral cavity and first few baby teeth. You can foster the habit of dental visits early on in your children by making it a part of their routine.

Fear of pediatric dental procedures is a thing of the past. Your child’s comfort and convenience is our top priority.

Dentist in 4 Square dentistry is examining a baby's oral health.

Pediatric Dental Examination: How We Do It

Preventive dental treatment is the best dental care we can offer for your child. During your child’s visit to our clinic, we will review his/her child’s dental health. Our dentists will also recommend a dental cleaning, if necessary, and provide guidance for their general dental hygiene. After every examination, we will provide you with all the information about your child’s dental health.

The condition of the gums and oral tissues.

An assessment of his/her oral health.

Presence of risk factors for tooth decay.

An evaluation of the tooth bite and dental development.

Pediatric Dental Problems & Solutions

Thumb-sucking Habit

Prolonged Bottle Feeding

Prolonged Use Of Sippy Cups

Thumb-sucking can start at a very early stage of a child's life and become a deep-rooted habit that may last even after they enter teenage. Thumb-sucking is a self-pacifying habit that makes children feel secure. Although thumb-sucking is not a habit to worry about, it is better to gently persuade them to change it if your child does not give it up as he grows.

A baby with cute eyes is sucking his thumb by lying on bed captured by 4 SQuare Dentistry

Baby-bottle tooth decay is one of the adverse side effects of prolonged exposure to bottle-feeds and liquids that contain sugar. Adding sugar to milk formula, fruit juices, and other baby food can cause early baby teeth decay in your child.

A baby is lying down and feeding through bottle clicked by 4 SQuare Dentistry

Sippy cups should be discontinued when your child completes his first birthday. Filling the sippy cup with sugar-loaded drinks and allowing your child to drink through it will make his teeth vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria

By standing inside a crib, a kid is sipping liquid using sippy cup clicked by 4 SQuare Dentistry

Protective Measures For Your Child’s Teeth


Fluoride is a natural element with both advantages and disadvantages for the teeth. It is present in most of the commercially available kinds of toothpaste. Your child’s teeth require a very minute amount of fluoride to make them strong and cavity resistant. However, excessive fluoride can cause dental fluorosis. We suggest that you follow the advice of our dentists regarding the use of fluoride for your child.

A girl is smiling with yellow teeth which is caused by flouride treated by 4 SQuare Dentistry
A kid holding mouth guard in his hand done by 4 Square Dentistry

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are essential for children who actively participate in sports and recreational activities that make them vulnerable to injuries on the face or mouth. Mouthguards are also required if your child has the habit of teeth grinding at night. A properly fitting mouthguard protects your child’s jaw and the entire oral cavity. A good mouthguard will stay firmly in place and make it easy to talk and breathe.


What is the minimum age for a child’s first dental visit?

Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled as soon as his/her first tooth erupts or around the time of their first birthday.

What is the maximum age for a child to visit a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dental visits are mandatory until the age of 14. When the child reaches this age, all the permanent teeth would have grown out. It will also be easy to commence any orthodontic procedures if your child has any dental issues.

When is the right age to start brushing my child’s teeth?

You should introduce your child to brushing right after the eruption of the first tooth. However, please ensure that your child uses a very minute amount of toothpaste.

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Your Baby's Smile Is Our Guarantee
Let your little one smile, giggle and play happily! Leave their dental care to us and watch them smile bright with brighter teeth.
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