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Bio Waste Segregation
4 Squares Dentistry strictly follow the protocols for bio-waste segregation and disposal

Bio Waste Segregation

Bio-medical waste is a waste that is generated during the diagnosis, treatment of human beings and is contaminated with patients’ body fluids. This can be syringes, needles, ampoules, materials, disposables plastics and microbiological wastes.

Proper disposal of waste from 4 Squares Dentistry is of paramount importance because of its infectious and hazardous characteristics. We strictly follow the protocols for bio-waste segregation and disposal at our dental clinic in Medavakkam.


Segregation refers to the basic separation of different categories of waste generated at source and thereby reducing the risks as well as cost of handling and disposal. At our dental hospital in Gowrivakkam, we give utmost importance to segregation as it is the most crucial step in bio-medical waste management. Effective segregation alone can ensure effective biomedical waste management.

Biowaste disposal


How Does Segregation Help?

Segregation reduces the amount of waste that needs special handling and treatment Effective segregation process prevents the mixture of medical waste like sharps with the general municipal waste. Prevents illegal reuse of certain components of medical waste like used syringes, needles and other plastics. Provides an opportunity for recycling certain components of medical waste like plastics after proper and thorough disinfection.

How Do You Segregate Biomedical Waste?

Biomedical waste should be segregated in colored coded paddle operated covered bins. Proper training should be given to the paramedical staff and waste handlers about the waste and how to match with colors. Practice should be made to segregate the bio medical waste at the point of generation Following are the high level stages involved in bio waste management
  • Biomedical waste collection and segregation
  • Biomedical waste storage and transportation
  • Biomedical waste disposal and treatment
At our dental centre in Medavakkam, we strictly ensure that the Bio-Medical Waste is disposed off in the designated area and as per the Protocols of segregation and disposal of the same as prescribed by Indian Dental Association .Our waste disposal system are monitored and controlled by Licenced waste management company.