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4 Square Dentistry adopts sterilisation and safety protocols in every step of our dental practice.
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Our Advanced Sterilisation Procedures

At 4 Squares Dentistry, we give paramount importance to maintaining hygiene and safety. Our dental hospital in Chennai is formulated in adherence to Dental Council of India, regulations and rules. To augment our efforts, we are equipped with:

  • Class B autoclaves, cassettes, steripouches, and UV light chambers for packing instruments.
  • Specialised Infection control programs to regularly sterilise and clean reusable devices and dental instruments.
  • Use of biological monitoring and chemical indicators to guarantee the sterility of devices and instruments.
  • Use of maximum disposables in all procedures to ensure the safety of our patients.
  • Designated area earmarked for the sterilisation and reprocessing of the instruments and devices.

Our Sterilization Processes


At 4 Squares Dentistry, we use Stericlave, specially-made cassettes and pouches used to pack the instruments before sterilisation. We use sterilisation packages that are precisely designed in such a way as to allow the penetration of vapour and steam. The sterilised instruments will remain untouched in the pouches until they are taken for use. The quality of sterilisation is assured by the colour change indicator on the pouch.


At our dental hospital in Medavakkam, our staff use Pre-vacuum or Type B or Class B autoclaves to sterilize the reusable instruments and devices effectively. Our modernistic autoclaves use a pulse vacuum to eliminate contaminated air from the chamber successfully. We maintain the temperature within 132 degrees Celsius to 135 degree Celsius for at least fifteen minutes for thorough sterilisation.

ultrasonic dental cleaner to clean dental tools at 4 square dentistry

Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices

All the instruments we use are subjected to a mechanical cleaning process using hi-tech ultrasonic cleansers and clean running water.

A nurse sterlizing the dental kits in autoclave  sterlizing machine at 4 square dentistry

Sterility Assurance

Sterility assurance sets our safety efforts a class apart from other clinics. We follow multiple methods at our dental clinic in Gowrivakkam to double-check and guarantee our sterilisation techniques’ effectiveness.

Chemical Indicators

Our dental team relies on the assurance of chemical indicators on instrument pouches to determine the packs that have undergone proper sterilisation from those that are not sterilised. The colour-changing indicators guarantee that used devices are not touched until they are thoroughly disinfected.

Biological Monitoring

Biological monitors or spore tests are the most credible methods to validate the proper functioning of the sterilising device and the effectiveness of the process. The monitors used at 4 Squares Dentistry contain vials or paper strips infused with highly-resistant bacterial spores. During sterilisation, these bacteria are destroyed, thus indicating that all other microorganisms have also been effectively destroyed.

At 4 Squares Dentistry, we conduct biological monitoring on a monthly basis.

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