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Stave Off Oral Cancer
Effective treatment of oral cancer happens only when early, and definitive diagnosis is made. 4 Squares Dentistry delivers you both.
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Oral Cancer

Early Diagnosis, Early Treatment

At our dental clinic in Medavakkam, we effectively treat head and neck cancer that develops in the oral cavity or the throat. Using biopsy along with histology for a definitive diagnosis, we catch cancer as early as possible.

A doctor with a notpad checking the symptoms for oral cancer at 4 square dentistry.

Oral Cancer Symptoms- Be Aware!

90% of oral cancers start as flat cells on the lips, tongue and mouth surface. They are easy to mistake as signs of less serious issues like a mouth sore. Consult a dentist in Gowrivakkam if any the following benign symptoms persist:

  • Issues with chewing
  • Constant sore throat
  • Changes in the voice
  • Unhealing mouth sore
  • Continuous mouth pain
  • Thickening of the cheek
  • Dogged pain in teeth/jaw
  • Trouble with swallowing
  • White or red patches in gums, mouth lining, tonsil or tongue

Catching Oral Cancer With Diagnoses

A pad holding a paper and a pen to note down the medical history by dentists at 4 square dentistry.

Medical History

We do a thorough assessment of risk factors that amplify oral cancer chances like tobacco use. Our experts also look deep into the medical history for immunosuppression or cancer signs in family history. For oral cancer survivors, who have a higher risk, we pay particular attention to excessive alcohol or tobacco use.
Dentist examining tooth of a patient lying in the bed at 4square dentisty clinic

Oral Examination

The skin lining the back of the throat and the inside of the mouth called mucosa is examined in detail for any lesions. The oral examination makes use of several light sources to detect subtle changes. Our doctors may also rely on dyes to stain suspicious lesions.
A man's head and neck icon displayed at 4 square dentistry

Head and Neck Examination

Besides assessing the skin, the doctor looks for asymmetry in structure through palpations of the region. Laryngoscopy and pharyngoscopy may be used to examine the tongue's base, throat or larynx.
An icon of cancer cells seen under a lab microscope at 4 square dentistry


The last line of diagnosis is a biopsy, where we take a small tissue sample to examine for oral cancer. We utilise a few biopsy techniques like an excisional biopsy, incisional biopsy, or FNAC.


How is oral cancer diagnosed?

Commonly oral cancers are detected after a patient experiences symptoms. In a few cases, the doctor may detect precancerous lesions in the mouth. We perform a physical exam of the neck and head to diagnose. We conduct blood tests, imaging tests, dental exams or a biopsy too.

How is oral cancer treated?

Surgery is the only way to treat oral cancer. This is followed by chemotherapy or radiation. Physical therapy, targeted drug therapy, and focused pain management are also utilised.

Are there side effects of oral cancer treatment?

Dry mouth, weight loss, nausea, constipation, fatigue, taste change and diarrhoea are some side effects of oral cancer treatment. Some modification to the appearance and function are also expected.

Which doctor to consult for oral cancer?

If you suspect oral cancer, visit a dentist or a physician. They will refer you to the required otolaryngologist. Once oral cancer is diagnosed, a specialised head and neck surgeon becomes your primary doctor.

What can you do to reduce oral cancer risk?

Limit alcohol intake, particularly hard liquor. Stop all tobacco use, including cigars and pipes. Lessen exposure to the sun through sunscreens and lip balms. Always practice coitus and eat nutritious food.
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Treat It Early To Heal It Completely
Oral Cancer is no more a hidden fear. Get professional assistance from 4 Squares Dentistry for expert diagnosis and treatment. Your cure is just an appointment away.
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