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Tooth Loss And Its Effects – Explained by Dentists From Leading Dental Hospital In Medavakkam

Tooth Loss In Adults

We are aware that each of us is born without teeth, and as we grow, we get a set of beautiful, white sets of teeth that need to be preserved. If you don’t take good care of them, one day, you will find them lying in the sink after you brush or gargle. It can be an alarming situation as tooth loss signals severe troubles in the future. A dentist from a renowned dental hospital in Medavakkam states that it is not just old age; even younger adults face tooth loss. We are a leading dental care that provides high-quality dental treatment for simple to complicated dental issues. People relate dentures to older patients, but that is not the case as there is a rapidly growing population with tooth loss. It is tough to prevent tooth loss in the elderly.

Dentists From Top Dental Hospital In Medavakkam Explores The Causes And Effects Of Tooth Loss

As we age, the nerves that connect the teeth don’t function to their fullest, and it becomes tough to identify symptoms of gum disease and tooth decay. In such a situation, one can locate signs only when it gets out of control. Older people find it tough to maintain good oral hygiene. This will increase the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. Dentists in Medavakkam insist that older adults must have dental check-ups at least twice a year. This way, we can identify gum disease at an earlier stage.

Severe gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis will result in tooth loss. Gum infection will loosen the bones and tissues that support the teeth. The root of the teeth will loosen and will fall out without much trauma. Tooth loss will lead to different consequences. Tooth loss will also lead to bone loss in your jaw. It is due to the loss of the tooth root. The loss of root will deteriorate jaw bone, and it will not stimulate the bones. Losing one tooth will expose other teeth near the surrounding. It will raise the risk of gum disease and tooth decay for the surrounding teeth. It will eventually lead to bone loss of the entire jaw. It has to be treated at the initial stage.

Crowns and dentures will replace teeth, but you can still experience bone loss. Wearing dentures regularly will result in additional pressure on the gums and jawbones. It will lead to bone loss. Jaw bone deterioration will lead to sagging jaws. Especially the lower jaw. You will nor be comfortable with a sag when you speak or eat. You will also feel self-conscious when you meet people. Eating food and discussing outings will become extremely stressful as you experience shame. A visible tooth loss can be very tough to handle emotionally. In such cases, you need to opt for a denture or a crown, whichever suits your condition.

Preventing Tooth Loss

Dentists at a leading dental hospital in Gowrivakkam and Medavakkam suggest preventive dental care is the solution to avoid tooth loss. Gum disease and tooth decay is the primary cause of tooth loss. Good healthy and dental hygiene will prevent decay and gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing teeth are required to avoid any kind of dental issue. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily will be a healthy routine. You must consistently practise this throughout your lifetime. It will help preserve your smile forever.

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