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Infant Oral Health Care Facts by Best Dentists
A dentist examines the dental health of an infant

Infant dental health: A few fact checks - from the best dentist in Gowrivakkam

There is nothing more divine than watching your little one showing his beautiful smile. This very smile brightens your tiring day and makes you want more of it. But the fact that your infant's oral health is vital for his overall health makes you wary all along. The thoughts like, what if the baby is suffering from severe dental discomfort, and you are completely ignorant of the cause? Is the baby's teething discomfort a normal thing? Is it all right to visit a dentist this young? How to prevent early fall out of milk teeth? What is the right age to begin brushing?-keeps occupying your mind all the time. While you are privileged to receive advice from experienced elders, not every wisdom is fact-checked or scientifically proven, making it essential to get your information fact-checked.

So, if you are a new parent seeking out answers to these questions, you have landed right. Or, if you are a parent who is skeptical of believing age-old wisdom, here are five vital facts suggested by the best dentist in Medavakkam to adopt the right dental care routine.

Get your facts checked with this vital infant oral health info

Some parents nonchalantly ignore their toddler's decaying teeth stating all will be right when the child gets his permanent teeth. While the statement highlights the prevalent belief that it is alright to ignore milk teeth conditions, it is imperative to note that timely care for milk teeth can prevent early tooth losses and painful side effects.

Apart from decay issues, the formation of milk teeth and its function as a placeholder for permanent teeth make infants' dental care even more important. A top dental hospital in Gowrivakkam, Chennai, reveals that they attend several dental correction surgeries to straighten out crooked or overcrowded permanent teeth. Dentists state the cause for this malformation as early fall of milk teeth owing to poor dental care during early childhood. The teeth tend to shift towards empty spaces, preventing the newly formed permanent teeth from coming out straight. Doctors recommend thorough care of milk teeth to avoid tooth misalignment and tooth discoloration issues, as they can lead to other issues during adulthood.

# Fact2- Excess of fluoride treatment can weaken your child's teeth

Fluoride is an essential mineral that can protect your child's teeth from potential decay and cavities. They help strengthen the permanent teeth and should be administered at a young age to benefit their long-term results. While fluoride is obtained naturally through the diets, the lack of fluoride in water at some locations can cause fluoride deficiency, ultimately leading to teeth weakening.

Fearing the long-term effects of fluoride deficiency, most parents expose their infants to fluoride-rich toothpaste early on. Excess fluoride can cause a condition called fluorosis that shows symptoms like discoloration in the permanent teeth. Chennai-based dentists recommend applying thin strips of fluoride-rich toothpaste for their kids to prevent the rising fluorosis cases.

# Fact3- Teething is normal

Teething is caused when the gums prepare themselves for tooth eruptions. This normally begins when the infant reaches three months and extends until he becomes a toddler. Teething can be extremely irritable for kids and can show numerous symptoms like saliva drooling, lack of appetite, loose motions, and in a few severe cases, slight fever. Top dental hospital in Gowrivakkam, Chennai, advises parents to follow home remedies like massaging the gums, teethers' usage like frozen bananas, or even wiping the gums with gauzes to reduce the impacts. In case of severe fever, it is recommended to visit the dentist immediately.

# Fact 4- Introduce brushing as soon as first teeth erupt

While there is a widespread belief that kids should not be introduced to brushing at least until the age of three, dentists strongly recommend cleaning teeth as soon as the first teeth erupt. For infants, a sterile piece of gauze should be used for cleaning as advised by your dentist. As infants should not be subjected to intense brushing, they must be cleaned at least twice a day. You can also make use of soft brushes available especially for infants.

# Fact5: Regular dentist checkup for your child is recommended

Top dental associations recommend scheduling visits to dental hospitals by the time kids turn one year. This is a proper age to assess risks and also to counsel parents for a healthy dental routine. Contact the dental care in Chennai, spanning their services in Medavakkam and Gowrivakkam for your child’s first dental checkup.

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