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Why Are My Gums Black?
A dentist performing a dental microabrasion procedure to remove pigmentation in gums for a patient

Why Are My Gums Black?

Healthy gums are pink and firm. The gum colour will be associated or dependant on the skin colour and race. You must be concerned if your gum colour has changed recently and need not worry before concluding why. Black gums can be due to normal hormonal changes or side effects of a few oral procedures. You can get a diagnosis if it is otherwise.

Gums may be black due to various reasons. You might have a dark brown or black gum shade naturally from birth. It is prevalent in people with dark skin tones. If the gum is abnormally black, it indicates an underlying health condition. You will have to check with your dentist if the gum has changed colour in a short duration and feels soft, tender or puffy. These signs denote the gum receding. An unhealthy black gum will bleed with brushing and flossing. So, understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy black gum.

If you are taking medication or smoking with a drastically bad lifestyle and questioning why are my gums black, you need to recheck with a professional expert. It will help you rule out any severe health condition. Speak to a doctor and determine the cause.

What Are The Black Gums Treatment Options?

It would be best if you cared for your gums to lead a healthy life. Try simple home remedies like medicinal herbs or herbal infusions. These may include mint, lemon, sage, oregano and balm as its ingredients. As they contain an anti-inflammatory effect, they treat the dark gums efficiently.
The professional black gum treatment is done with gum bleaching techniques. It falls under the cosmetic periodontal procedure line and will last a lifetime. Therefore, it will save your money on gels, creams and other temporary remedies. These treatments remove the extra pigmentation and reduce the dark spots on the gums. There are two bleaching and whitening black gums treatment options to renew your smile, which will be permanent.

Micro-dermabrasion – It is the traditional way to whiten gum. Micro-dermabrasion takes only less than an hour in dental care in Medavakkam, Chennai. It removes the pigmented area gum tissues to reveal the pale pink layer from beneath. Local anaesthesia is administered to prevent discomfort during the procedure.

Laser Technique – Dental laser ablates the melanin-producing cells and creates a lighter gum with healing. We at 4 Squares Dentistry offer the best and affordable laser treatment technique for black gums.

Black Gums Reason And Causes

There black gums reason includes:


Melanin is a naturally occurring substance in the body and its parts. Dark gums may be due to the excessive amounts of melanin in the body. It is not a worrying factor if you've always had dark gums. But if black patches or any abnormal changes happen in a short duration, you cannot relate melanin to it. Consult a doctor as sudden changes will indicate a medical issue.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor or neglected oral hygiene will cause black gums. Plaque and tartar irritate the gums and infect the gingival tissue. It complicates the situation and leads to gum disease.


Hereditary is another major cause of dark gums. It is a sub-branch of melanin factor as dark gums here are due to pigmentation. It passes on to generations. It is a natural factor, and so you need not be bothered about it.


Smoking is a major reason for discoloured gums. The nicotine in tobacco makes melanocytes produce more melanin than their standard range. It eventually leads to brown or black gum. The colour change can affect the entire gum or in patches. In worse circumstances, even the cheeks and lower lip are affected and change colour. As a person quits smoking, the gum discolouration also reduces with time and therefore, it is reversible.

Other causes

Medications like chlamydia, amalgam from crowns and fillings, Addison's disease, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, pregnancy and teething are other reasons for black or dark gums.

Wrap Up

You have to remember that you can start today and reduce your black gums with good oral hygiene. Be consistent and follow it regularly. A regular visit to the dental clinic in Gowrivakkam will support your oral hygiene practice. Easy as it sounds, right? Why wait!

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