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Best Dentures in Medavakkam

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Dental Dentures in Medavakkam

Our facial muscles tend to sag after losing a tooth due to gum disease, dental decay, or an accident, making us appear older. You can enhance the appearance of your face by replacing the missing tooth with dentures. The surrounding tissues and missing teeth are both replaced by dentures.

Each patient's requirement is unique, and customised dentures aid in regaining oral cavity functions. A denture ensures that the patient's appearance doesn't change significantly, as they are designed to closely mimic the actual teeth. Dentures may seem intimidating at first, but a proper solution can completely change your life.

The fundamentals of quality and care have guided the growth and development of our 4 Squares Dentistry in Medavakkam. Thanks to our convenient location in Medavakkam, we are glad to provide our patients with the most recent advances in sophisticated dentistry for dentures in Medavakkam.

Types of Dentures

If you plan to get dentures in medavakkam, it is important to first understand that dentures are of two main types
Complete dentures are a removable option for replacing the entire jaw of missing teeth. The foundation of complete dentures is acrylic, which holds the porcelain denture teeth in place.
Patients lacking a few teeth are best suited for partial dentures. It has a metal framework with the removable replacement teeth that keeps the denture in its place.

Advantages of Dentures

Modern dentures offer many advantages for oral health for those who are missing some of their natural teeth.

  • Dentures fill in tooth gaps.
  • Dentures helps regain your smile and fix speech issues.
  • Dentures can be customised to make you comfortable.
  • Dentures (Removable permanent dentures) helps you maintain dental hygiene practice.

The Procedure of Placing Dentures in Medavakkam

To assess how well your jaw fits together and whether there are any gaps, the doctor will first take impressions of it.
The final denture will be built using the wax model as a guide.
After that, a wax replica is created to check the alignment.
The required adjustments are made once the patient has tried the final set of dentures.
Before & After Pics
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Post Care
Because dentures are artificial and detachable, you must handle them with extreme care.
  • Remove them and thoroughly rinse them after eating. Run your dentures under running water to remove any food particles. Hold the dentures firmly to avoid breaking with a fall or pressure.
  • Wash your mouth after taking off your dentures. You must use a soft toothbrush to effectively clean your mouth and avoid oral injuries.
  • To prevent the accumulation of plaque and other food deposits, make sure to brush your dentures every day.
  • Soak your dentures in a mild cleaning agent or water all night. This will help in retaining the denture's shape.
  • Every morning before putting your dentures back in your mouth, give them a thorough cleaning and rinse.
  • Schedule routine appointments with your denture health specialist.
Do's & Don'ts With Dentures
Do’s :
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Don't ever force your dentures in. Fit them slowly and carefully.
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Take smaller bites and be careful in handling teeth.
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Brush your teeth every day with soft brushes and use the dental paste as prescribed by your dentist.
Don’ts :
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Brush gently and refrain from using a toothpick or other pointed objects when caring for dentures.
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Because they are delicate and prone to breaking, take care not to drop them.
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If they loosen up with time, go to the dentist rather than attempting to fix them on your own.
FAQs on Dental Dentures in Medavakkam
Can someone sleep with their dentures on?
Yes. You can snooze with dentures on. However, dentists advise removing dentures before bed so that the bones and gums get some time to rest.
Will it hurt to wear dentures?
Dentures are painless. Patients may initially feel a little bit of discomfort, but they will eventually adjust.
Will eating with new dentures be difficult?

It will be pretty challenging for a few weeks, but wearers will get accustomed to the new dentures. To get the best out of your dentures in Medavakkam, prosthodontist at 4 Squares Dentistry will guide you.

Are dentures as comfortable as natural teeth?
Yes! They were made to look and feel like actual teeth and to replace missing ones. Therefore, they are designed precisely to feel just like the original teeth.
What is denture fixative?
Denture fixatives, often known as denture adhesives, are designed to hold dentures in position so you can feel secure and comfortable. They also make it possible for you to smile, eat, and speak with confidence. Moreover, it helps keep food particles away from your gums, preventing inflammation.
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