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Best Dentures in Egmore

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Dental Dentures in Egmore

Dentures restore lost teeth along with supporting tissues. When we lose teeth through gum disease, dental decay, or trauma, our facial muscles droop, making us appear older. Dentures can help fill them out, thereby redefining the face.

Each patient receives a unique set of dentures, specially customised, helping them regain their oral cavity functions. Dentures mimic the original teeth with minimised changes to one's look. People thinking about having dentures may find it a little daunting at first, but with the appropriate solution, dentures can improve the patient's life.

If you are wondering where to get dentures in Egmore, contact 4 Squares Dentistry. In addition, our dental dentures treatment provides the ideal combination of skilled dentists, modern technology, and methods to meet patient expectations.

Kinds of Dentures

There are two different varieties of dentures
Complete dentures are a detachable option for replacing the entire set of lost teeth. It has an acrylic foundation holding the porcelain denture teeth together.
Partial Dentures are ideal for a patient missing a few teeth. A metal framework holds a detachable partial denture in place on which new replacement teeth are affixed.

Advantages of Dentures

Modern dentures offer many advantages for oral health for those missing some of their natural teeth.

  • Dentures can be used to fill in tooth gaps.
  • Dentures can help you regain your smile and fix speech issues.
  • Dentures can be customised to help you feel more comfortable.
  • Dentures help you maintain your dental hygiene practice with removable or permanent dentures.

The procedure of Placing Dentures in Egmore

The doctor will first take imprints of your jaw to examine how well they fit together and whether there are any gaps.
The final denture is created using the wax model.
A wax model is used to test the alignment.
After the patient has tried the final set of dentures, the necessary changes are made.
Before & After Pics
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Post Care
It is crucial to handle dentures carefully because they are artificial and detachable.
  • After eating, take them off and give them a thorough rinse. You should clean any food residue and other impediments from your dentures by placing them under running water. Take care to hold the dentures carefully, as they might break if dropped by mistake or with excess pressure.
  • After removing your dentures, clean your mouth. Use a soft toothbrush to prevent oral injuries.
  • Make sure you brush your dentures every day to prevent plaque and other food deposits from building up.
  • Let your dentures soak all night, either in a mild cleaning solution or water. This will ensure that they maintain their shape.
  • You should give your dentures a thorough cleaning and rinsing before putting them back in your mouth daily in the morning.
  • Visit your denture health specialist regularly to the get the best out of dentures in Egmore.
Do's & Don'ts With Dentures
Do’s :
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Never press your dentures into place. Take your time and fit them gently.
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Be careful to treat your teeth carefully and take smaller bites.
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Use a dental paste as directed by your dentist, and brush your teeth daily with soft bristles.
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Avoid being harsh when brushing, and do not use a toothpick or other pointy things on dentures.
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Be careful not to drop them because they are fragile and can break.
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Visit a dentist instead of fixing them yourself if they loosen.
FAQs on Dental Denture Treatment
Can a person wear dentures while sleeping?
Yes. Dentures can be worn while sleeping. But dentists advise taking off dentures before bed to give time for the bones and gums to relax.
Will wearing dentures be painful?
Dentures don't hurt. Patients may experience a small amount of discomfort at first, but with time they get used to it.
Will it be challenging to eat with new dentures?
It will take some time for wearers, approximately a few weeks, to get used to the new dentures.
Do dentures have the same feel as natural teeth?
Yes! They are developed to replace teeth and mimic the look and feel of real teeth.
What is a Denture Fixative?
Denture fixatives, commonly referred to as denture adhesives, are made to keep dentures in place so you may feel safe and at ease. They also help keep food particles away from your gums, preventing irritation and allowing you to eat, speak, and smile confidently.
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