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February 15, 2021

Stopping The Dental Myths Once And For All

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to dental and oral health. Over the years, these myths, untruths and misconceptions have increased. So, chances are you have fallen victim to at least one of them. As a result, you’ve unknowingly damaged your dental health. 

As a leading Dental Clinic in Chennai, we, 4 Squares Dentistry, do our utmost to curb this widespread misinformation. We debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding dental and oral health. So that you can identify what is a proven fact and what is merely a popularly held belief. If you are still unsure how to improve your dental health, we advise you to talk to a dentist in Medavakkam.

Top Dental Clinic In Chennai Points Out The 3 Common Dental Myths

Myth 1: Your teeth are cleaner if you brush harder.

This is not the truth. The fact is if you brush too hard, specifically with a medium or firm bristle, it can do more harm to you. The abrasive toothbrush will erode your enamel. Your teeth will be susceptible to decay and cavities. Plus, it’ll be more sensitive. What you need are a soft-bristle toothbrush and a gentle hand. 

Myth 2: It is best to stop flossing if your gums bleed. 

The bleeding is not because of flossing. It is because of gum inflammation, which happens due to the build-up of bacteria and plaque between the teeth. Brushes rarely reach all corners of the teeth. This can cause the bacteria to get stuck and thereby inflame the gums and make it bleed. Keep flossing every day. It will reduce the inflammation, and the bleeding will stop. 

Myth 3: A pregnant woman shouldn’t go for a dentist visit. 

Some pregnancy-related hormones increase the chances of gum diseases like gingivitis. So, it is absolutely safe to visit a dentist while pregnant. You can get regular checkups, cleaning and even fill cavities before the baby is born. Our team of expert dentists at Gowrivakkam and Medavakkam will take care of any other symptoms connected to the pregnancy.

 The 3 Popular Misconceptions About Teeth

Misconception 1: Adults don’t require braces.

The fact is you are never too old for braces. If you have an unhealthy periodontal condition, you can be prescribed braces irrespective of what your age is. That said, braces are used only on permanent teeth and if their position is not correct. 

Misconception 2: Sugar is the main culprit of cavities. 

Sugar indeed plays a significant role in creating cavities, but it is not the main culprit. They can happen due to chips and crackers as easily due to sweets and lollipops. It is the bacteria in our mouths that cause decay by feeding on carbohydrates as well as sugar. This produces acids which attack the enamel and forms cavities. 

Misconception 3: You don’t need a dental checkup because you don’t have a problem.

One of the most commonly held misconceptions, it is also the most harming. For plenty of dental problems, people don’t have pain as a symptom right away. For example, you may have cavities yet have no pain. The symptoms arise only after the problem has escalated. If you wait until your teeth are bothering you to get a checkup, you may need major treatment like extraction or root canal. Regular dentist visits would have saved you that trouble.

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The 3 Untruths About Dental Hygiene

Untruth 1: Teeth sensitivity is due to worn enamel. 

Most people feel that their teeth are sensitive because their enamel has worn away to a great degree. This is untrue. Yes, loss of enamel – the hard outer layer protecting teeth – does cause teeth sensitivity, but it is just one factor. There are plenty of other reasons for sensitive teeth like whitening toothpaste and gum recession. 

Untruth 2: White teeth mean healthy teeth.

Dental and oral hygiene is not about having brilliantly white teeth. It is very much possible to have shining teeth that are still full of decay and cavity. The reverse is also true. You can have teeth that are not white but oral health-wise they are near perfect. 

Untruth 3: Whitening teeth does damage to them.

Teeth whitening is a perfectly safe procedure. It doesn’t damage the enamel or create a pathway to future dental problems. As long as you opt for whitening under an expert dentist, you are safe. What is harmful is over the counter whitening substances. Those are full of acidic ingredients. They can do more damage than repair. So, always opt for products that your dentist recommends. 

The final word on dental health

There are an N number of myths on dental health - from brushing your teeth right after meals is important to bad teeth don’t impact your overall health. If we go about debunking all of them, it will exhaust an ocean of ink.

So, before you practice any oral habit, be sure that it is safe. Keep in mind that the wrong practice can lead to irreversible harm. All it takes to achieve good dental health is a few measly minutes in a day. But that can happen only when you take every step to stay away from misconceptions. The more you believe in myths, the more challenging it will become to attain good teeth. 

We hope this blog gave you a jumpstart on understanding oral care better and how to achieve that   100-Watt smile. If you still have questions about taking care of your mouth better, please give us a call or visit our dental office. 

Be it trying a new toothbrush or thoughts about daily hygiene, be it queries about teeth-whitening or which mouthwash to use, 4 Square Dentistry is here to answer all your questions. And we do it using science-backed facts so that your teeth and gums get the best care.

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