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Root Canal Post Treatment Care
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You may be thinking about how to take good care of your teeth if you have recently had a root canal. There are certain tips and hacks we would like to discuss with you. But you have to understand what a root canal is and how it will help you. The tooth has a root that holds it with the gums and jaw. If the tooth decay has developed an abscess or an injury has triggered a root infection, you might need a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Keep reading to know more about recovery and the care you must take as suggested by one of the best dentists in Gowrivakkam.

How To Perform A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is the most common dental procedure in recent days. It improves oral health and relieves the pain from damaged, injured and decayed teeth. A dentist will initially clean the infected area during this procedure and place specially designed fillings to seal the canal. You will be given a crown for the tooth in the next sitting as it has a higher chance of turning brittle without its pulp. After this procedure, you need to give some care from your side to improve your oral health.

Ways To Ease Root Canal Pain Post Procedure

A root canal procedure is painless as local anaesthesia is administered before starting the treatment. As the anaesthesia's effect wears off, you might feel some tenderness in that area. You might experience a sore jaw, and the pain may be similar to having the mouth open for a longer period.

The pain following a root canal is successfully treated with medications either orally or topically. If there is considerable time for fitting a crown or filling, we suggest you avoid chewing on the same tooth. However, get more advice from the dentist in Medavakkam or any area that is easily accessible for you.

Tips To Prevent Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

A root canal treatment is an outpatient procedure, but you will need to take good care after going home. Following the instructions will help you combat the possible side effects. Gum disease and tooth sensitivity are the root canal treatment side effects. With the tips that we share below, you will make your teeth last longer without any problem. In the long run, it will extensively improve oral health. A few of the most effective steps are discussed.

  • There is no substitute for both flossing and brushing at all points in time. These fundamental steps will take good care of the teeth irrespective of their current health condition. But post root canal, we recommend you have the treated area clean to avoid infection. Brush twice every day and floss without fail. Perform this gently to prevent any other complications. It would be best if you never put excess pressure on the treated areas. Please take care not to go in the upward motion towards the crown.
  • Pay attention to what you eat, as the teeth will be highly sensitive for a few days. Avoid foods that aggravate the root canal pain like fries, nuts, chips and other hard items. Sugar food items increase the risk of infection. Oily and sticky foods can cause a crack on the crown. Post-treatment, please wait until the numbness entirely wears away. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of unnecessary chewing on the cheeks and tongue. We suggest you opt for easy to chew foodstuffs like soup, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, banana, and pasta.
  • The temporary filling will take an hour or so to get fixed. Do not disturb the setting and wait patiently until the scheduled time.
  • The medications which are prescribed to alleviate the pain are necessary for both healing and reducing pain. Please do not ignore them.
  • If there is any discomfort for more than a week, call us and get a consultation appointment. You can reach out to the best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam, Chennai, for a quick response.

The Takeaway

Dental procedures are not as easy as it sounds. We at 4 Squares Dentistry are dedicated to first analysing the dental issue and only then proceeding with the invasive procedures. Our root canal treatment with highly trained and experienced dentists will offer great oral health. To aid faster and better recovery, follow our various post-procedure tips. So, taking proper care is the key to a successful root canal.

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