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Why do you need a root canal treatment?

An outline of root canal surgery, given by The Top Dental Care in Chennai.

The root canal surgery is done to safeguard the tooth after the nerve is irreversibly inflamed or exposed to bacteria due to a crack. If you have any doubt about the root canal procedure, then you need to meet a dentist in Medavakkam who is well versed in dental care procedures like a root canal.

The root canal is a common and standard procedure in the United States. Every year around 15 million individuals go for root canal treatment. The main plus point of the procedure is the success rate, that is approximately 95%. It means the majority of teeth rectified with root canal surgery have chances to last for a lifetime. 4 Squares Dentistry in Chennai offers the best root canal treatment for people of all age groups.

When will you need a root canal treatment?

If the tooth breaks or cracks, there are high chances that you need a root canal. Due to trauma, the tooth in the pulp chamber can be exposed. It can damage the nerves and result in pain. In such cases, the dentist will remove the nerve to save the tooth. Similarly, if the cavity gets large, it enters the pulp nerve or chamber. When bacteria occupy this chamber, it results in pain and infection. In this case, a root canal treatment is required to reduce pain and save the tooth.

Symptoms that act as warning signs

Are you experiencing severe tooth pain? Well, you should meet your dentist immediately. Some of the symptoms that call for a root canal procedure are as follows:

  • Dental abscess
  • Tender and swollen gums surrounding the tooth
  • Rotten taste in the mouth
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  • When the tooth hurts after exposure to cold or hot temperatures
  • Severe toothache pain while chewing

At times, we may not notice any symptom at all. That is why a regular dental appointment is a necessity. It will help in detecting signs you may not have noticed at all.

A visual explanation of root canal infection stages
How is the dental root canal procedure done?

As part of the root canal procedure, the dentist would remove the infected pulp and nerve. They clean the interior of the tooth and seal. Then, they fix the crown on the affected tooth. It is performed to ensure that the teeth can be used as usual and can be used for chewing food particles without any pain or discomfort. The procedure can be painful at times.

Is a dental crown mandatory after the root canal?

The dental crown is mandatory after root canal treatment. It is a tooth-shaped cap. It has to be placed on the top of the tooth to safeguard the leftover tooth structure. It replaces the molar teeth functions such as grinding and chewing of food. A crown will not be needed if the procedure is done on the front tooth and not on the molar. Since we do not grind or chew using the front tooth, a dental crown is not necessary in this case.

Tips to avoid a root canal procedure

If you can prevent cavities, you can avoid root canal procedures. Floss and brush the tooth and go for dental checkups regularly. Ensure that you meet a dentist if you notice any sort of tooth pain. It is important to detect and sort the issue as early as possible. If you have cavities, it has to be filled immediately. This is especially important in the case of large cavities. When you do not treat the cavities, there are chances for it to develop as an infection and it can be dangerous.

At times, it is not possible to avoid a root canal. For example, you might get hurt in the face while playing with a baseball. Such things happen, unfortunately. However, there is no need to worry as root canal is a common and standard procedure. It preserves your teeth for long-term and aids in your overall wellness.

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