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A Complete Guide To Holistic Dentistry Vs. Traditional Dentistry

Are you a person who is fascinated by natural remedies and treatments? Then you might be interested to know more about holistic dentistry. Have you ever realized why holistic dentistry is better than traditional one? Though both dentists maintain the same standards in terms of care, their approaches are different.

Holistic dentistry is still remote as traditional dentistry has alleviated gums, mouth, and teeth issues for ages. Unless a person complains about a poorly done traditional dental procedure with pain, the significance of holistic dentistry remains unknown to many.

Holistic treatment is always about going beyond the target area and treating the overall health. If you think holistic dentistry is best or not, you should understand that it uses alternative dentistry techniques. Therefore, it is widely referred to as alternative dentistry or unconventional dentistry.

Contrasting Aspects With A Traditional And Holistic Dentist

There are differences when we consider traditional and holistic dentistry. A traditional dentist focuses on oral health, thereby performing conventional procedures and treatments. On the contrary, a holistic dentist connects the correlations with general and oral health and treats the entire body. Therefore, the treatment will be entirely different in both cases.

The next level of difference happens with the medications. Most of the traditional dentists offer fluoride treatments, but a holistic dentist will completely refrain from fluorides. The potential risk and the side effects of fluoride are well-known to them; thereby, they go with only natural treatment methods. A classic example to explain this is: A holistic dentist will recommend you make a mouthwash recipe for yourself with available natural ingredients.

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The procedures used by both are in contrast with references to beliefs and logic. A traditional dentist will recommend a root canal treatment if the roots get infected. But a holistic best dentist in Medavakkam will offer a different solution and try treating it without using invasive methods.

Our expert dentist at 4 Squares Dentistry will concentrate more on natural remedies or man-made products for solutions.
The major difference between traditional and holistic dentistry arises in treating patterns. The conceptual difference is briefed here. A traditional dentist will:

  • Treat only the oral symptoms of the patients with invasive treatments.
  • Prevent problems to recur with medications.

A holistic dentist will:

  • Treat the underlying issue that leads to various symptoms in the mouth.
  • Focus better on preventative measures.
  • Prevent the adverse effects caused by the impact of oral treatments on the patient.

Areas Of Difference In Traditional And Holistic Dentistry Treatment

Now that you know the basic differences in dentistry let us see how the treatment differs. There are some key areas in which their approach and practices vary. They are:

  • Amalgam Fillings are the prime difference in both treatment methods. A holistic dentist will not use mercury as it is highly toxic to human health. They recommend removing it if you have it because of your previous traditional dental treatments.
  • Root canal technique has a major alternative when it comes to a holistic approach. Holistic dentists opt for ozone therapy to sterilize the target area. If it does not work, then they suggest other root canal alternatives.
  • Fluoride is dangerous to the system when ingested or used topically. The dental hospital in Gowrivakkam ensures that all their treating methods do not even use fluoridating water.
  • Biocompatible materials are the soul of holistic dentistry. Holistic dentists strongly believe that whatever goes into the mouth will affect the body. So, they use only biocompatible materials for all their treatment procedures.

The Bottom Line

Did the facts listed above get you interested in opting for holistic dentistry? We offer excellent alternatives to every traditional dentistry service with the best facilities and technology. Our team of professional and well-experienced holistic dentists at 4 Squares Dentistry will discuss the treatment plan as an initial move. We then talk about the entire body and how treating the root cause will help improve your dental health. Our motto is to let you know that we are doing the best for your overall well-being.

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