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Why Are Your Teeth Yellow? Reasons With Ways To Treat
Graphical illustration of the process of cleaning yellow stained teeth with dental tools

Wondering how to get rid of the unpleasant yellow teeth? You can reverse unattractive yellow teeth.  We will tell you how to make it happen with a few valuable tips. Join us and give your teeth a milky white makeover.

Teeth are naturally not pure white. It has a yellow hue to it. An enamel protective layer which is white, covers the yellow layer. But due to its thickness and clarity, the yellow colour may be apparent. Therefore, most of the time, it is not due to poor oral health.

There are some instances where the teeth get stained and turn yellow. These do not indicate any form of a serious medical problem. It will happen due to poor oral health. You need not stay with yellow teeth forever. There are various ways we can help you to address this problem to make your teeth white again.

Yellow Teeth Reason With Accompanying Factors

You will have to take an oral hygiene routine if your teeth appear in a darker shade of yellow. Change your diet and see if there are results. Some foods and drinks will stain the teeth when consumed regularly. Black coffee, wine, tea, soda, and food items containing tannins will tend to cause teeth discoloration. The chemical seeps into the enamel leading to permanent discoloration. If food and drinks contain more acid or sugar, they break down the enamel to reveal the yellow layer prominently. However, the yellow teeth reason may be attributed to a few other factors as follows.

Fluoride Levels

Too much fluoride will cause enamel problems. Children are at a higher risk. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with the doctor to check if they receive the right fluoride in their diet to keep the teeth healthy. You can consult the dental hospital in Gowrivakkam for any doubts regarding fluoride and how it affects the teeth's health.


Smoking will cause lots of health issues, including discoloured teeth accompanied by a bad odour. Smoke is one factor that instantly stains the teeth and causes permanent damage to them. Similarly, chewing tobacco has the same effect.

Improper Brushing And Flossing

Poor dental care like improper brushing and flossing will cause plaque or bacteria to build on the teeth. Eventually, this will cause a yellow shade.


With time the enamel will naturally start to discolour. Following a good diet or proper dental care will not be able to stop it. Family history and genetics are the culprits here. The yellow dentin increases, thereby reducing the pulp and causing the teeth to turn yellow.

Improper Sleep Habits

Grinding the teeth while sleeping is quite common. Unconsciously doing this will result in great enamel damage.

How to clean yellow teeth?

Brushing and flossing every day is the solution to get rid of yellow teeth. But there are certain tips and hacks to clean. They are:

  • Make sure to clean every corner with a proper brush.
  • Clean the visible debris that has layered on the teeth. When left without removing, they turn to hard plaque.
  • Use dental floss as it reaches various spots that are non-accessible to brushes.
  • Do not brush in a vigorous pattern as it will erode the enamel.
  • Dentists  at 4 Squares Dentistry recommend using soft toothbrushes to preserve the teeth's health and enamel coating.
  • Make slow and circular motions to clean the teeth. It is the simplest technique taught on how to  clean  yellow teeth.

How to remove yellow stains from teeth?

Here are some things you must do to get a white and bright smile.

Teeth Whitening Products

There are various teeth whitening products available in the commercial market. Antioxidant toothpaste is one magical product to whiten teeth. But research to make sure that you are not using harmful chemicals. Check on their impact before trying out trials on how to remove yellow stains from teeth.

Dentist Visit

A dentist will be able to help you with a professional tooth whitening procedure. The best dentist in Medavakkam will guide you with the right and safe products to use on your teeth. The procedure might include the usage of an antioxidant-rich toothpaste to bleach and whiten the teeth. A perfect toothpaste to treat yellow teeth will be made of micro-minerals and natural extracts.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have understood why and what causes yellow teeth, please understand calcium is essential for white teeth. It strengthens the teeth, especially the enamel and therefore helps you retain white teeth for decades. We recommend consuming lots of milk, cheese, spinach, green leafy vegetables and dairy products to have healthy and white teeth. Try the amazing techniques discussed above. But bear in mind that everyone's teeth are different and need different times or techniques to whiten.

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