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Switch To Holistic Dentistry To Enjoy Its Benefits

Days are changing, and people have started relying on holistic and natural alternatives for various health issues. The same applies to the field of dentistry. Any standard dentist will be able to fix your teeth issues with fillings and medical procedures. But is it the best solution? Definitely No! Holistic dentistry emphasizes the well-being of the patient and their overall health. It is more than just treating your teeth. We offer various benefits of holistic dentistry here.

With the best approach of our holistic dentistry, you can make your teeth last longer and achieve the most beautiful, healthy, and confident smile. Through an integrated approach to dental care, our experts at 4 Squares Dentistry encourage your body to increase its healing capability. Have you wondered what it will feel to have your mind, body, and spirit flawlessly perfect? Let us see how!

Wonders Of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry aims to cure health issues from head to toe and not just oral health. Focused care strengthens our patient-doctor relationship as we believe that dental health goes hand in hand with physical health. The reason is that poor physical health eventually leads to poor dental health and vice versa. So, we take pride in stating that our holistic dentists do not perform just temporary corrective methods for dental care in Medavakkam.

  • Forget Amalgam fillings as we consider them toxic to general health. It contains 50% mercury which slowly gets into the system. The risk of mercury is high and can get into the body with time. Our holistic dentist takes precautionary measures by using only bonded fillings instead of mercury. If you have had a traditional filling, we ensure that it is removed and replaced with safe ones when you reach out to us.
  • Fluoride can cause cavities. The other side effects of fluoride are that it causes arthritis, brain damage, dementia, and bone cancer. Therefore, we never use fluoride as a holistic dental treatment. Our toxin-free treatments are sure to offer you good health in the long run.
  • A primary step to a dental filling treatment should necessarily be a filling compatible with the system. Our holistic dentists conduct a biocompatibility test and check how the foreign material reacts with your body before any procedure.
  • We elect to use digital X-rays in place of standard ones. These digital ones have 50% lesser radiation and so less harmful to the patient.
  • We avoid a prescription pad as a mandatory thing after each procedure. We adopt a healthy approach to reducing painkillers. We usually suggest natural remedies and treatments after every procedure.
  • Choosing holistic dentistry does not mean that you are sacrificing the high technology treating methods. It focusses on minimally invasive latest methodologies like:
  1. Crown technology on the same day
  2. Impression scanning
  3. 3D Digital X rays with low dose
  4. Laser treatments for gum disease
  5. Ceramic dental implants with high technology

Natural Approach To Dental Health With A Holistic Dentist

We aim to improve how you feel about your overall health, which means not just your gums and teeth. We will be making the necessary arrangements to treat your body with other adjunct treatments. It will boost the body's ability to heal at a faster pace by itself.

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Our holistic care is not a standard one and involves an individualized plan for everybody. With the best holistic dentist, we customize the treatment plan to help the body function according to your needs. When you reach us, be sure that you are in the hands of highly-trained and experienced professionals. Our functional medicine will help you achieve better oral health in a short duration.

With a holistic treatment plan, you can build a strong immune system to ward off various health problems. We have designed our treatment approach with a team of experts in our best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam . We ensure to offer a complete sense of wellness and help your body to work in harmony.

The Takeaway

With an entire team of specialists specializing in holistic medicine, we mix and match diverse treatments. Medicine is an art and requires a different approach for each person. Therefore, we consider the entire well-being and strictly use biocompatible materials only to restore your smile.

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