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All about Dentists and Dentistry Specialties!

Why should you visit the best dentist in Medavakkam?

It is essential to schedule a dental checkup to maintain your overall health and wellness. Most people think that a dental checkup is just for cleaning the teeth.  However, the best dentist in Medavakkam will do more than just teeth polishing and cleaning.

For example, if you fix an appointment at 4 Squares Dentistry, they do the below-listed activities

  • Determine your fillings
  • Determine the early phase of oral cancer
  • Early detection of gum disease
  • Early determination cavities
  • Safeguard the oral health of your family
  • Safeguard overall health
  • Analyze oral hygiene
  • Detect bad mouth or dry mouth

Know about different kinds of dentists

There are seven types of dentists, and each dentist offers a diverse range of services. Let us discuss in brief about each type

1. Pediatric dentist or Pedodontist:

A general dentist treats and cares for patients of all age groups. A pediatric dentist addresses particular requirements and oral health of teens and children. The treatments include the likes of dental sealants and fluoride treatments. A Pedodontist will guide teens and children throughout their dental development. They do toddler oral health examinations and space supervision after the early loss of a milk tooth. They even provide oral health associated care like helping to stop the finger and thumb sucking nature of kids, offering guidance about teeth grinding, and even providing special assistance in deciding the nutrition that works best for one’s teeth.

2. General dentist:

General dentists offer guidance about routine regular examinations and teeth cleanings. A general dentist may refer you to other types of dentists if you require procedures they cannot provide.

3. Orthodontist:

They are well-versed in teeth alignment procedures that utilise retainers, braces, wires, and associated devices.

4. Prosthodontist:

They check and offer solutions for jawbones and teeth. They offer cosmetic treatments like veneers and teeth whitening to enhance teeth’ look. Prosthodontists also help patients with dentures, bridges and crowns. They work to correct jaw joint issues and help with post-oral cancer reconstruction, sleeping and snoring disorders, and traumatic mouth injuries. 

5. Oral surgeons and oral pathologist:

They are experienced in the treatment and care of teeth and jaw oral diseases. They work closely with throat, nose, and ear physicians and perform surgeries too.

6. Endodontist:

They deal specifically with problems that affect the tooth nerve. Endodontists are well versed in performing root canal treatments, especially when there is deterioration around the tooth’s nerve. They concentrate on the treatment and prevention of diseases or injuries of dental pulp-like pulp exposure, pulp stones, or pulpitis. All these conditions can be painful and can result in dental abscesses. 

7. Periodontist:

They assist in treating and repairing problems and diseases related to gums. A general dentist will aid in gum disease prevention, and a periodontist will offer treatments for tissues impaired due to advanced gum diseases.

What kind of dentistry do I require?

As there are several dental specialities, most people do not know whom to meet and how to find the best dentist. We recommend you to visit a general dentist as he/she can check and suggest the right kind of dentistry you need. If they have the expertise and necessary equipment, they can help you with the right treatment. It is essential to meet your general dentist once or twice a year. Apart from the routine teeth cleaning, they examine the teeth completely and ensure that your oral health is up to mark.

A general dentist will guide you and warn you about potential dental issues that might come up in the near future. So, ensure that you consult a general dentist if you are experiencing mild to severe pain in your mouth.

Kids require equal dental care and attention, just like adults. Approximately 42% of children from 2 to 11 years have at least one filling or cavity in their teeth. About 23% of children from the 2 to 11-year age group have untouched dental cavities. Approximately 21% of children have cavities in their lasting teeth. If your child is complaining of dental issues, ensure that you consult a pediatric dentist soon!

Our dental hospital in Gowrivakkam and Medavakkam, offer comprehensive dental care to everyone!

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