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Prepare for Dentist Appointment
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General things to take care of before your dental appointment

For first-timers, a dental appointment can seem like a big milestone. While some of them are calm and collected, many people are flustered about what to expect. Sometimes, even those who religiously visit their dentists forget to be properly prepared.

Dental visits can be termed as a necessary evil or a blessing. Whatever it is called, everyone should make a dental visit a part of life to ensure good oral health for all the family members. Before leaving to visit the dentist, there are some general things one must take care of to make sure everything goes smoothly, explained by our expert dentists at Gowrivakkam.

Fix an appointment.

It is always wise to check the dentist's availability and his timings at least 2 hours in advance. Most dental clinics operate with scheduled appointments so that no one is kept waiting unnecessarily. Once you fix an appointment at your nearest dental hospital in Medavakkam, reconfirm it before leaving the house. A reconfirmation gives enough time to make adjustments if there are any changes in the schedule.

Collect all dental records.

A dental visit is no less important than a medical consultation with a cardiologist. The dentist needs to see all previous dental records, x-rays, medication prescription given by him or any other dentist. Knowing the patient's dental history is crucial for every dentist. It will give them a clear insight into the patient's overall health status, previous dental procedures and highlight chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, renal issues, etc.

Based on these facts, the dentist can make a well-informed decision about further treatment and medication course.

Learn about insurance coverage.

Dental procedures can be expensive, and it is important to speak to the dental office about the insurance coverage before saying yes to any costly treatment. This preparedness will cushion you from any unexpected expenses.

Personal things to do before a dental appointment

Close-up of a woman flossing her teeth and describing how important it is to floss as referenced by the dentist

Brush and floss.

Brushing and flossing is a must before every dental appointment, but that does not mean one has to go overboard. Excessive flossing can harm the teeth and gums. Hence, a normal brushing, flossing and a thorough rinsing will be enough to get rid of all the food particles lodged inside the oral cavity. It also helps freshen the breath before the appointment.

Avoid pungent-smelling food.

This is more out of courtesy for the dentist than anything else because pungent-smelling food can still have its effect even after brushing and rinsing. It is wise to avoid garlic, tuna, chicken, and seafood like prawns, crabs, etc. The last meal should be taken at least two hours before the appointment. If it is only a general checkup, the meal can wait until after the appointment is over.

Take your oral aids and apnea aids.

Dentists need to check temporary oral appliances like clear aligners and dentures or plaque or tartar build-up. Dentists use ultrasonic machines to clean the devices and make them look as good as new by the time the examination is over.

Make preparations in advance.

If children are due for a dental appointment, it is better to talk to them about what the dentist will do reassuringly. Unfortunately, no children like a dental appointment, and they will come up with any silly excuse to avoid the visit. That is why it is important to teach the importance of good oral hygiene and make dental visits a regular thing so that they are not frightened by the prospect of visiting the dental clinic.

Parents can also choose kid-friendly dentists and have the knack for handling fussy children with professional care.

Talk to your dentist.

Always be open with your dentist and tell him/her about your dental anxieties or specific dental requirements. Dental anxieties are not uncommon. It is a by-product of the fear of pain. Only a dentist will be able to clarify the doubts about the procedure. So it is better to get first-hand information from the person.

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