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You Must Read This While Opting Braces For Upper Teeth Braces Alone
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What is the main reason many come up with an idea to get braces only for their upper teeth? Have you ever wondered? It is because many feel that their bottom teeth are not visible. Beyond doubt, only the top teeth are indeed shown while we smile. Therefore, doesn't it make more sense to straighten the top teeth?

Who Are Eligible For Upper Front Teeth Braces?

Braces only for upper front teeth work great in various cosmetic factors. Most of the time, people who want only their upper teeth corrected are least bothered about their bite. But getting braces only for the front upper teeth may be an option for you if you face any of the below issues. They are:

  • People who have their top teeth shifted due to trauma and injury.
  • Patients with straight lower teeth and a healthy bite. But facing crowding or spacing issues on the top teeth.
  • Few people have gaps or crowding because their jaws are smaller than their teeth. In these cases, starting partial front teeth braces will be ideal for reducing the treatment trauma. Partial braces are highly recommended in children who will not be ready to accept the whole treatment immediately.

Factors To Consider Before Opting Upper Teeth Braces

Braces only on the upper teeth will make your bite worse. Only after evaluating the bite you should opt for the top braces option. Moving the top teeth will affect the bite as it will not fit with the lower row. Consult the best dentist in Medavakkam to first qualify as an eligible candidate for upper teeth braces.

Your teeth need space to move. Closing the gaps on the upper row of teeth will require the moving of the bottom teeth. It will become impossible at a later stage to close the upper spaces without moving the bottom teeth. Like a puzzle, we are designed to align our upper and lower teeth together.

In most cases, reports show that people start to feel conscious about their lower teeth once they get their upper teeth straightened. It is a natural human tendency to compare things close to each other. So, when the top row is straight and flawless, you start to perceive that the lower row is awful. Eventually, this will stress you out. You will end up getting lower braces as well.

Do not imagine that upper teeth braces are going to save your money and time. It is going to take the same amount of time. The expense also is going to be considerably less and not half the price. So, you have to reconsider and go with the option that will work best for you.

Though you opt for braces only for the upper tooth, it is still important to clean and care for them just like any regular braces. Brush and floss twice a day and rinse your mouth after every meal. Avoid crunchy, hard or sticky foods.

Alternate Options In Upper Braces For Teeth

If you are one of the lucky people out there who benefit better from only using braces for the upper teeth, then you can consider a few of the below alternatives. The below-discussed options are mostly for aesthetic purposes without the metal structures.

Clear Braces

Clear braces will give a perfect smile with a transparent material. It improves the cosmetic look by being not visible from a distance. It aids with straightening the teeth, just like regular metal braces. They work the same as standard braces for teeth. It is ideal for people who are very particular about their appearance. It works best in adults who do not want to look like teenagers wearing metal structures on their teeth.


Invisalign is a dental appliance made of clear plastic material to align and straighten teeth with time. This straightening invisible appliance fits snugly over the teeth and improves your look without metal structures. You can purchase this in any dental clinic in Gowrivakkam, Chennai, as they are manufactured according to size.

Summing It Up

Thinking about getting started with upper teeth braces? You can improve the look of your smile in just six months. We at 4 Squares Dentistry ensure to make a thorough examination and tell you whether you qualify for upper braces in a single visit. You can now smile more confidently by just correcting your front upper teeth.

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