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A Guide To Choose The Best Type Of Dental Floss
Closeup view of a female flossing her teeth with a dental floss

Flossing is an integral part of any dental cleaning process. If you have sat through the entire procedure, you will know how it works. It removes unwanted debris or plaque from the tooth surface, which regular brushing cannot do. The colourless deposit on teeth turns to tartar when left untreated. Eventually, it ends up turning your teeth yellow or causing dental decay and gum disease. But as you take a step forward and walk into the oral health aisle, you must be surprised to see a ton of flossing options.

How to choose the right one? When the dental market offers super strong, flavoured, thick, thin, and many wide varieties, you must conclude which will be right for you. A good knowledge of the various dental floss types and how to choose the ideal one for you will solve your oral health care needs. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of floss is essential to choosing the best.

Types Of Dental Floss

The various types of dental floss available widely in today's scenario are:


Unwaxed floss is one of the most commonly available flosses in any dental care in Gowrivakkam, Velachery, Teynampet, T.Nagar Chennai. It is made of nylon material and is manufactured by twisting multiple strands together. Unwaxed floss does not contain artificial flavouring; hence they are free of chemicals. It is ideal for people with small gaps as they are usually thin. However, an unwaxed floss shreds and breaks quite often.


As its name suggests, waxed floss contains a layer of wax, which makes them stronger. The smooth texture of wax allows it to glide between teeth easily. The wax makes them thicker than the unwaxed floss and makes it difficult to move into teeth gaps. The wax layer also reduces the grip levels.

Dental Tape

Dental tapes are suitable for people with bigger gaps in between their teeth. Dental tapes are manufactured in waxed and unwaxed versions and are similar to floss, except they are thicker. Dental tape is difficult to clean crowded teeth and therefore not suitable for most of the population.


Polytetrafluorethylene floss is robust and does not break during use. It slides easily in between teeth. Owing to the smooth construction, it is suitable for small gaps and crowded teeth. However, the production process makes use of perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a carcinogen. It affects the immune system over time. So, the best dental clinic in Medavakkam or any place will never recommend this for their patients.

Super Floss

Super floss is specially designed for teeth with braces, bridges and wider gaps. They are further classified into spongy, stiff and regular. It is not the best option for people with small teeth gaps.

How To Use Dental Floss?

The best or correct response on how to use dental floss is:

  • Slide the floss between the gum and tooth from the upper direction.
  • Hold the ends of the floss firmly with your hands.
  • Rub along the surface of the tooth.
  • Make a gentle up and down movement.
  • Continue doing this till the last tooth at the back.

Flossing before brushing will clear the plaque and help the toothpaste ingredients reach the teeth efficiently. On the contrary, flossing after brushing will clear the remaining debris, and both procedures have significant results.

What Will Be The Dental Floss Price?

In India, the approximate cost of dental floss is 75 INR. However, the dental floss price is subject to change with brands and the materials they are made. You can decide which ones you will want and then check their prices. Besides the cost, it is essential to see how well they perform and how effective they benefit our oral health.


You must be now completely aware of the various types of dental floss, their advantages and disadvantages. With this comprehensive knowledge now, you are eligible to make a good choice for yourself. If you have any other concerns, 4 Squares Dentistry is there to offer you additional information. Feel free to reach out to us.

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