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Best Tooth replacement Options at Dental Hospital
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Dentist at the best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam explains consequences of missing teeth

Dentists say the average adult loses around seven teeth before she/he celebrates their 50th birthday. People lose teeth due to various reasons:

There are consequences of not having a few teeth because each tooth plays a distinct role in how we eat and chew food and the oral cavity's appearance, and thus the whole face. There are more adverse effects of losing teeth. 

  • Missing teeth can affect the proper functioning of the jaw.
  • It affects the daily diet and digestion process because food is not masticated well enough.
  • It causes wear and tear of the remaining teeth.
  • Without all the teeth in place, the bite alignment is affected, and it causes stress to the jawbone.
  • Missing teeth cause shifting of the remaining teeth, which leads to gum recession.

Today, dental science is so advanced and missing teeth are no longer a worry. People with missing teeth can always ask their dentist for the latest options to get themselves brand new teeth. Our dental hospital in Gowrivakkam will offer the following options we have mentioned below.

Latest dental options offered in every dental clinic to fix missing teeth

Dental implants

A dental implant is a minor surgical procedure where the replacement tooth is fixed to a titanium screw fused to the jaw bone. It is the standard procedure for fixing a prosthetic tooth that looks and feels as good as the natural one. Besides, dentists recommend dental implants because they are long-lasting and remain stable without affecting the neighbouring teeth.

Implants are the right choice to fix a single missing tooth. Despite the impressive success rate of this procedure, it is not a budget-friendly option for everyone.

Dental bridge of 3 teeth over molar and premolar in lower jaw by 4 Square Dentistry

Dental bridges

A dental bridge "bridges" the gap between two or more missing teeth by fitting crowns on top of the adjacent teeth. The dental bridge, otherwise known as a pontic, is firmly held by the adjacent teeth or abutment teeth. Porcelain is widely used to make the pontic, although some people also prefer gold.

Once the bridge is in place, it will look and function like normal teeth. They also last longer and are an affordable alternative to dental implants.


Dentures are of two types :

  • Removable partial dentures

    As a less expensive option, removable partial dentures serve to function and look like normal teeth when a small section of the teeth go missing. They are easy to use and clean, but they can become uncomfortable if used for a prolonged time. Partial dentures are not a permanent solution for missing teeth, and they are not as durable as dental implants and bridges.

    • Removable complete dentures
      Removable complete dentures are used to replace a large section of the teeth or, in some cases, all the teeth. The process is invasive, and depending on how many teeth are missing and how many are left, it will require several trips to the dental clinic. However, this is not a permanent option, and the dentures are not to be worn throughout the day. Yet, complete dentures are aesthetic, functional and more durable than partial dentures.
  • Resin -retained bridge.

When the front teeth are missing, a resin-retained bridge is the best option. The procedure is easier and less expensive than that of a fixed bridge. It is attached to the neighbouring teeth on either side of the missing tooth and looks good as a natural tooth. However, the resin-retained bridge is not as durable as a fixed bridge and might require replacement after a few years.

Other solutions for missing teeth

  • For people who have lost a good number of teeth, multiple implants combining dentures and bridges will serve as a long-lasting solution. The replacement teeth are durable, aesthetic-looking, and cost much lesser than an implant for every tooth.
  • Sometimes, dentists may recommend a flipper tooth to replace a single missing tooth until a permanent fixture is done. The process is expensive, and the tooth can be fragile, so it is better to opt for a permanent solution.

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