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Dental Issues In Kids - An Insight By Experts From Best Dental Care In Chennai
A male dentist with glasses examining the teeth of a young kid seated in the dental chair

Kids Dentistry And Treatments

Dental issues are common in kids these days. It can be due to congenital injury or infection. Kids generally face some common dental problems that may require simple to complicated dental procedures. Issues may crop up due to habits like thumb sucking. Childhood tooth decay must be addressed immediately as it will lead to more serious implications. The best dental care in Chennai provides expert kids dentistry for all kinds of issues. We are the leading dental centre in Chennai that has worked class dental treatment and advanced technology that includes kids dentistry. Our expert dentists in Gowrivakkam have adequate training, expertise and experience to address dental issues in kids. The treatment is quick, effective and comfortable. It will restore their beautiful smile at a very young age. Primary teeth play a vital role in oral health, and our treatment focuses on oral health and development

Dentists From Best Dental Care In Chennai Discuss Some Of The Common Dental Issues In Kids

Dentists in Medavakkam, Chennai have been facing some common issues that are seen in kids. Childhood tooth decay is a common issue that we face every single day. Cavities are common diseases seen in children, and at least 20% of children are estimated to have untreated cavities. Tooth decay in kids has to be addressed as it leads to infection and pain. In such cases, they will end up missing school, tough to learn, speak and chew. Preventive dental care is the best way to address such issues. We educate parents about the importance of regular examinations. 

Regular dental check-up and cleaning will help get rid of plaque, dirt and tartar. These will not be removed using our toothbrush. The routine examination will also identify issues at an earlier stage. It will be easier to treat before the problem blows out of proportion. We provide fluoride and dental sealants that will result in sparkling, clean teeth. It is an easy and quick treatment option. It gives protection against cavities for 2 to 4 years. We remove tooth decay and apply tooth-coloured filling that will blend with the smile. The advanced techniques and tools available will ensure quick, comfortable and painless treatment. We perform a root canal on baby teeth if the decay has led to infection. Kids also gave sensitive teeth; injury, decay, brushing hard can lead to sensitivity as the nerve endings are exposed. When the child eats cold or hot, they will experience excruciating pain. Sensitive teeth will be due to injury or decay. 

Treatment will be determined once the cause is identified. Sealants will strengthen enamel and will reduce sensitivity. We educate parents about preventive measures and advice kids to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Thumb sucking is a teeth damaging habit. We advise parents to wean them off the addiction at the earliest. Excessive thumb sucking can lead to teeth grinding and tongue thrusting. It will also lead to misalignment of jaws and teeth. We recommend using habit-breaking expenses to address the issue. You can avoid tooth issues and the costs incurred. Overcoming this habit will help restore oral development on track. 

Loose Tooth And Gum Diseases Should Not Be Ignored

Dental clinics in Chennai often see cases of tooth injury in kids. Injury in the tooth will result in permanent loss or loose tooth. Untreated loose teeth will lead to decay, injury and also damage. A tooth falling out before the natural time can lead to other dental issues. A root canal or crown will resolve the case if the teeth are dead or infected. Dental space maintainers are another option to save space until permanent teeth form. If the kids are not flossing or brushing correctly, it can lead to various gum diseases. 

Plaque and tartar will build up, causing bacteria to grow and make gums swollen and red. If the issue is not addressed, it can lead to bone damage and tooth loss. A common gum disease in kids is gingivitis which can be completely reversible.  Professional cleaning by kids dentistry will teach kids to create a healthy dental hygiene regimen. For advanced cases, medication, special rinses and deep cleaning will be administered.

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