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Bleeding Gums And Periodontal Health – Explained by Dentists From Best Dental Clinic In Chennai

Bleeding Gum, A Tell-tale Sign

Oral health is as essential as your body health. We mostly ignore the slightest signs that indicate oral health deterioration. Even if we find drops of blood in the sink while we brush and floss, we don’t need the warning. But you must be aware that bleeding gum is trouble. It is a sign that indicates future risk in the form of gum diseases. Dentists from the best dental clinic in Chennai pointed out that bleeding gums is an emergency alarm about something severe. We are the leading dental hospital that provides world-class treatment for all dental concerns.

We have experienced dentists and advanced dental technologies to provide the utmost comfort while treating your dental concerns. Bleeding gums indicated deteriorating periodontal health. Poor dental hygiene is a common cause of bleeding gums. You cannot use your mouth to its fullest with bleeding gum. You will have trouble speaking and chewing. Self-care and hygiene will ensure a beautiful, bright and well-aligned smile.

Dentists From Best Dental Clinic In Chennai Points Out All Issues Caused By Bleeding Gums

We don’t give much thought to the slight crimson colour we see in the brush and sink. We wait until the situation blows out of proportion. Full-blown gum disease or gingivitis will start from the teeth' base, where the gum tissue will become inflamed. Dentists in Medavakkam, Chennai successfully treat gum disease using a combination of dental procedures called root planing and scaling. Root planing is the process of smoothing teeth roots, so it is reattached to the gum. Scaling will remove all the plaque from the teeth and gum.

A more severe case of gum disease is called Periodontitis. It is a severe infection where it will breed in deep pockets between the gums and teeth. The bone that supports the teeth will be damaged if you don’t address severe illness immediately. Oral health will slowly affect your overall health and immune system. Periodontitis can lead to stroke, diabetes and heart disease. It will reduce the quality of life and shorten life expectancy. There are multiple treatment options that will help you overcome such situations. A regular dental check will help identify symptoms in the initial stage and help remove the issue quickly. The advanced stage of gum disease might require surgical treatment.

Different Treatments For Gum Diseases

Dental procedures and treatments will be required if the gum disease progresses from the initial stage. It requires your complete cooperation and support from experienced dental specialists to treat your condition successfully. Specialist dental clinics in Gowrivakkam and Medavakkam offer a range of treatments and procedures to maintain and improve gum health. The severity of the disease is assessed to identify the right treatment plan. Some of the treatment options include scaling, root planing, antibacterial mouthwash, antiseptic chips, bone grafts, tissue grafts, and flap surgery.

Antiseptic chips are used after root planing. It is a gelatine chip with an antiseptic that fits the gum pockets. Damaged tissue and bone can be replaced by grafting from another part of the mouth. Flap surgery is a procedure where the gums are lifted from the teeth to remove the tartar. The dentist will suture the gum back into its place. Gum diseases are preventable through simple steps by practising regular oral hygiene. You must consistently follow brushing and flossing routines as recommended and have regular checkups to identify issues from the start.

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